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"Clairaudience" is a term sometimes used to indicate Astral Hearing.
Some writers on this subject treat "Clairaudience" as a separate class
of phenomena. But we fail to see the distinction they make. It, of
course, employs a different Astral Sense from that generally employed,
but both are Astral Senses functioning on the Astral Plane, just as the
physical senses of Seeing and Hearing function on the Physical Plane.
And, more important, both forms of Astral Sensing are subject to the
same laws and rules. In other words, all that is said in the lessons of
this book on the subject of Psychomantic Vision holds equally true of

Thus, there may be Simple ~Clairaudience~; Space ~Clairaudience~;
Past Time ~Clairaudience~; Future Time ~Clairaudience~, etc.; also
~Clairaudient~ Psychometry; ~Clairaudience~ through Crystal Gazing,
etc. Psychomantic Vision is the employment of the Astral ~Sight~, while
Clairaudience is the similar employment of the Astral ~Hearing~.

In many cases of Psychomantic Vision there is an accompaniment of
Clairaudience; while in others it may be missing. Likewise,
Psychomantic Vision usually accompanied Clairaudience, although
sometimes one may be able to ~hear~ astrally, although no seeing.

You will notice that in many of the instances of Psychomantic Vision
related in this book, there is a mention of the person ~hearing~
words or sounds, while seeing the vision--this, of course, is

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