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Development Methods

Concentration. In the first place, the student should cultivate the
faculty of Concentration, that is the power to hold the attention upon
an object for some time. Very few persons possess this power, although
they may think they do. The best way to develop Concentration is to
practice on some familiar and common object, such as a pencil, book,
ornament, etc. Take up the object and study it in detail, forcing the
mind to examine and consider it in every part, until every detail of
the object has been observed and noted. Then lay the object aside, and
a few hours after pick it up again and repeat the process, and you will
be surprised to see how many points you have missed on the first trial,
Repeat this until you feel that you have exhausted your object. The
next day take up another object, and repeat the process. A drill of
this kind will not only greatly develop the powers of Perception, but
will also strengthen your powers of Concentration in a manner which
will be of great value to you in Occult Development.

Visualizing. The second point of development for the student, is the
development of the faculty of Visualization. In order to Visualize you
must cultivate the faculty of forming Mental Pictures of distant
scenes, places, people, etc., until you can summon them before you at
will, when you place yourself in the proper mental condition. Another
plan is to place yourself in a comfortable position, and then make a
mental journey to some place that you have previously visited. Prepare
for the journey, and then mentally see yourself starting on your trip;
then seeing all the intermediate places and points; then arriving at
your destination and visiting the points of interest, etc.; and then
returning home. Then, later try to visit places that you have never
seen, in the same way. This is not Clairvoyance, but is a training of
the mental faculties for the exercise of the real power.

Psychometry. After you have developed yourself along the lines of
Concentration, and Visualization as above stated, you may begin to
practice Psychometry, as follows: Take a lock of hair; or handkerchief;
or ribbon; or ring; belonging to some other person, and then press it
against your forehead, lightly, closing your eyes, and assuming a
receptive and passive mental state. Then desire calmly that you
Psychometrize the past history of the object. Do not be in too much of
a hurry, but await calmly the impressions. After a while you will begin
to receive impressions concerning the person owning the object pressed
against your forehead. You will form a mental picture of the person,
and will soon begin to receive impressions about his characteristics,
etc. You may practice with a number of objects, at different times, and
will gradually develop the Psychometric power by such practice and
experiments. Remember that you are developing what is practically a new
sense, and must have perseverance and patience in educating and
unfolding it.

Another form of Psychometric development is that of tracing the past
history, surroundings, etc., of metals, minerals, etc. The process is
identical to that just described. The mineral is pressed against the
forehead, and with closed eyes the person awaits the Psychometric
impression. Some who have highly developed the faculty have been able
to describe the veins of mineral, metal, etc., and to give much
valuable information regarding same, all arising from the psychic clue
afforded by a sample of the rock, mineral, metal, etc. There are other
cases of record, in which underground streams of water have been
discovered by Psychometrists, by means of the clue given by a bit of
earth, stone, etc., from the surface. In this, as in the other phase
mentioned, ~practice~, ~practice~, ~practice~, is the summing up of
the instruction regarding development.

~Crystal Gazing.~ We consider the use of the Crystal Glass Ball,
or other forms of what the ancients called "The Magic Mirror," to be
the best plan of developing Psychomantic Power. As we have already
explained, this method serves to focus the concentrated desire, will,
and thought of the person, and thereby becomes the starting point for
the Astral Tube, of which we have frequently spoken in this work. The
student becoming proficient in this class of phenomena, passes by easy,
gradual and natural stages to the higher and more complex phases of the
subject. The "Magic Mirror" (of which the Crystal is but a form) was
used by the ancient Occultists in developing the powers of their
students, and in all countries, and in all ages, it has played a
similar part in the process of developing psychic powers, and serving
as a focal point for the erection and operation of the Astral Tube, in
Psychomancy and other forms of occult and psychic phenomena.

At this point, we wish to tell you that there is no special virtue or
magical properties or qualities in the Crystal itself--it is merely an
instrument for Astral Vision, just as the telescope, microscope and
other optical instruments are instruments employed in the phenomena of
physical vision. It is true that the atomic and molecular
characteristics of glass, crystal, etc., tend to produce the best
results, but, after all, water, ink, etc., have been, and may be
similarly used. No, there is no special "magic" in the crystal itself,
so do not allow yourself to fall into any superstition regarding its

Various teachers use different forms of the Crystal, or substitutes for
it. Some of the teachers whose patrons are among the wealthier classes
of the community, insist upon their pupils possessing globes of pure
crystal, insisting that the latter alone gives the best results. But
others who have pupils among people with shorter purses, have found
that their pupils obtained just as good results by the use of a ball of
plain glass, which is inexpensive. Others have advocated the use of
watch crystals laid over a piece of black cloth, preferably velvet.
Others have used polished steel objects, or pieces of polished metal of
various kinds, a new silver coin, for instance. Others still, have used
a large drop of ink poured into a small dish, etc. Others have had cups
painted black on their inner surface, into which they poured water, and
claimed to have obtained the finest results. All the old talk about
magic ceremonies and incantations being necessary in manufacturing the
Magic Mirror, is pure nonsense, which has grown around the scientific
facts of the case, as is so often the case. Do not be deceived by any
such tomfoolery. A number of persons prefer to gaze into the bright
substance of a precious stone. So you see, when we use the term
"Crystal," we mean that the student may make his choice of any, or
several, of the above-mentioned objects, or that he may even substitute
some other object of his own choosing, possessing the requisite power
of reflection.

There are but very few directions to be given in the use of the
Crystal. Read what we have to say at the conclusion of our lesson on
"Crystal Gazing" in this book, (Lesson VI). The principal point
insisted upon by nearly all the teachers, is that of placing the back
of the gazer to the light, instead of having him face the light.

The simple general direction is that the gazer should practice by
himself, at first, in a quiet room, sitting with his back toward the
light, with the Crystal placed before him on a table, on a piece of
black cloth, or other dark material, and then gaze calmly at the
Crystal. Do not be afraid of winking, and do not strain or tire the
eyes. Some prefer making funnels of their hands, and gazing through
them just as if they were opera-glasses, and we think this plan a very
good one, for it serves to shut out distracting light, and sights. If
you fail to see anything at the first trial, do not be discouraged, but
persevere. A number of trials are necessary in some cases, while in
others wonderful results have been obtained at the first experiment.

An English authority recommends that beginners failing to get direct
results, then try to "visualize" something that they have already
seen--something familiar, such as a chair, a ring, a face, etc., and
then turning to the Crystal endeavor to reproduce it there. It is
claimed that this practice will often gradually lead to actual "seeing"
in the Crystal.

~The first signs of the actual "seeing" in the Crystal, comes in the
form of a "cloudiness," or "milky-mist" in the crystal, which slowly
resolves itself into a form, or scene, which appears gradually like the
precipitation of a photograph upon a sensitive plate in the developing
room. In some cases, the "misty" cloud deepens into a black one, from
which the pictures appear.~

~General Advice.~ In this work we give you a comprehensive, although
condensed, account of the various phases of the phenomena of
Psychomancy, together with a number of instances of typical
manifestations. By reading the following lessons, after having read
the present one, the student will be able to gather much practical
instruction on the subject of the manifestation of the power. He will
be able to understand the nature and general workings of the
phenomena, so that, when he undertakes the work of developing the
power within himself, he will recognize the indication of his
increasing power and unfolding faculties, which otherwise would "be
Greek" to him. In order to get the very best results of instruction in
this line, the student would of course do well to secure some
competent instructor who could give him personal lessons. But, the
person who has the patience and perseverance to "work the thing out
for himself," as many before him have done, will obtain results none
the less valuable because they were worked for without assistance.

We feel that we have given the students of this little work, such an
idea of the general subject, and its fundamental laws, together with
such general instruction in the methods of developing and manifesting
the power that it will be one's own fault if he fails to get at least a
fair degree of success from his undertaking self-development along
these lines. There is no royal road to occult or psychic power--or
"magic word" which when once pronounced will prove an "open Sesame" to
the Doors of Psychomancy. And we would warn the student against persons
who undertake to impart the "Secret" upon the payment of a goodly sum
of money. There is no "Secret" to be so imparted--it is all a matter,
first of general understanding, and then practice and work. To some it
comes easier than to others, but even to such, the higher degrees mean
work and practice. We trust that we have given you food for thought and
material for practice. The rest depends upon yourself.

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