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You have heard of "Polarity," and "Polarization" in connection with
electrical phenomena. "Polarity" is defined by Webster as: "That
quality or condition of a body by virtue of which it exhibits opposite
or contrasted properties or powers, in opposite or contrasted parts or
directions; or, a condition giving rise to a contrast of properties
corresponding to a contrast of positions." And, "Polarization" is
defined by the same authority as: "Act of polarizing; state of having
polarity." Well, then, the process of erecting the Astral Tube is
practically that of the "polarization" of the particles of Astral
matter by an effort of the human Will, set in motion by means of a
strong Desire or Determination, under certain conditions.

When the human Will is directed toward a distant person or object,
under the proper psychic conditions, it tends to "polarize" a path or
channel through the Astral atmosphere toward the desired point, which
channel becomes at once an easy course of psychic communication for the
transmission or receiving of psychic impressions or expressions, as the
case may be. And, in the case of Psychomancy and kindred phenomena, the
Astral Senses of the person (even though his Astral Body be still
within its physical counterpart) are able to readily "sense" the
impressions being manifested at a far distant point in space.

The above mentioned channel of communication--the Astral Tube--has not
of course the advantages of actual travel in the Astral Body, and is
besides affected by certain Astral happenings, such as the breaking up
of the tube, or an impairment of its efficiency, by reason of some
stronger astral current or channel, etc., for instance. When one
considers the currents and cross-currents constantly in operation on
the Astral Plane, it will be seen how likely the above mentioned
interference is to happen.

Through the Astral Tube the Astral Senses actually "sense" the sights,
and often the sounds being manifested at a distance, just as one may
see distant sights through a telescope, or hear distant sounds through
a telephone, for instance. It also may be used as a microscope, as we
shall see as we proceed. The student's attention is especially directed
toward the fact that in this form of phenomena, the Psychomancer
remains within his physical body, and does not travel in the Astral at
all. He sees the distant scenes, just as a man sees them through a
telescope. His consciousness remains within his physical body.

A well known writer on this subject has truly said: "* * * the
limitations resemble those of a man using a telescope on the physical
plane. The experimenter, for example, has a particular field of view
which cannot be enlarged or altered; he is looking at his scene from a
certain direction, and he cannot suddenly turn it all around and see
how it looks from the other side. If he has sufficient psychic energy
to spare, he may drop altogether the telescope that he is using, and
manufacture an entirely new one for himself which will approach his
objective somewhat differently; but, this is not a course at all likely
to be adopted in practice. But it may be said, the mere fact that he is
using Astral Sight ought to enable him to see it from all sides at
once. And so it would, if he were using that sight in the normal way
upon an object which was fairly near him--within his astral reach as it
were; but at a distance of hundreds or thousands of miles the case is
very different. Astral sight gives us the advantage of an additional
dimension, but there is still such a thing as position in that
dimension, and it is naturally a potent factor in limiting the use of
the powers of its plane. * * * Astral sight, when it is cramped by
being directed along what is practically a tube, is limited very much
as physical sight would be under similar circumstances, though if
possessed in perfection it will continue to show, even at that
distance, the auras, and therefore all the emotions and most of the
thoughts of the people under observation."

The Astral Tube, in connection with Psychomancy, is used in a variety
of forms. It is often used unconsciously, and springs into existence
spontaneously, under the power of some strong emotion, desire or will.
It is also observed in some cases of hypnotic phenomena, in which the
hypnotist uses his will to cause his subject to form an Astral Tube,
and then report his impressions. It is also used by the trained
Psychomancer, without the use of any "starting point," or "focal
centre," simply by the exercise of his trained, developed and
concentrated will. But its most familiar and common use is in
connection with some object serving as a "starting point," or "focal

The "starting point" or "focal centre," above mentioned, is generally
either what is known as "the associated object" in the class of
phenomena commonly known as "Psychometry," or else a glass or
crystal-ball, or similar polished reflecting surface, in what is known
as "Crystal Gazing." In the two next succeeding lessons, we shall
consider these two forms of phenomena, respectively.

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