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The Nature Of Psychomancy

The term "Psychomancy" (pronounced, "sy-ko-man-see"), is derived from
two Greek words, the first "psycho," meaning "the soul; the mind; the
understanding" (and generally used to indicate "psychic" or unusual
powers of the soul or mind); the second word, "mancy" meaning "to
divine; to foresee, or foreknow; to detect secret things,"--and in
occult parlance, "~to sense~," or "to receive impressions by the
Astral Senses." So the word, as we use it, may be said to mean "Psychic
Sensing," and in this work will be so used. The word "Psychomancer"
means "one practicing Psychomancy;" and the word "Psychomantic" means
"relating to Psychomancy."

The word "Clairvoyance" is frequently used by people to designate some
of the phases of Psychomancy, but strictly speaking this term is
incorrect when used in this sense, the true occult meaning of the word
"Clairvoyance," being "transcendental vision, or the perception of
beings on another plane of existence--the seeing of disembodied souls,
elementals, etc." And so, in this work, we shall consider the true
phenomena of Clairvoyance, as distinct from that of Psychomancy.

In this work, we shall regard as the true phenomena of Psychomancy, all
the various phenomena known as Psychometry; Crystal Gazing; Perceiving
Distant Scenes; a perception of Past Events, and Indication of Future
Events; either in the full waking state; the state of reverie; or the
state of dreams.

And, so this work will examine, consider, and explain, the various
phases of phenomena above indicated--in short, the phenomena of
~"sensing" objects by means of Astral Senses~, omitting the phenomena
of Clairvoyance, or seeing disembodied souls, etc., which we regard as
belonging to a different phase of the general subject, and which
require special consideration and examination.

The majority of works upon these lines begin by an elaborate attempt to
"prove" the reality of the phenomena in question. But we shall not fall
into this error, for such we regard it. The time for the necessity of
such proof is past. The records of the Societies for Psychical Research
are full of proofs, and evidence, which are as full, complete and
strong as ever required by any court to hang or clear a man. And the
book shelves of the libraries are full of other books, giving like
proof. And, for that matter, this work is not written to convince
people of the truth of this phenomena--it is intended for those who
have already convinced themselves of its reality, but who wish for
specific information regarding its nature, manner of manifestation,
etc. Where we quote instances of the manifestation of some form of
Psychomantic phenomena, in this work, we do so simply to illustrate the
characteristics of some particular form of the phenomena, and not as
corroborative proof. With this explanation, we propose plunging right
into the main subject itself.

There have been many attempted explanations of, and theories regarding
the phenomena of Psychomancy, some of which are more or less plausible,
while others are quite visionary, "wild," and fantastic. In this work,
we shall pay no attention to those more or less ingenious "guesses" of
the theorists, but shall, instead, give you plainly, clearly, and
simply, the time-honored teachings of the advanced Occultists which
teachings we believe to be the Truth, tested and tried by centuries of
investigation, and experiment.

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