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The Three Classes

The Three Classes

The phenomena of Psychomancy, etc., may be grouped into three classes,
each being produced by its own special class-cause. In either or all
cases, the impressions are received by and through the Astral Senses,
but there are three distinct ways in which, and by which, these
impressions are received. These ways, which we shall now proceed to
consider in detail, may be classified under the following terms:

(1) Sensing by the "quickening" of one's Astral Senses sufficient to
perceive more clearly the etheric vibrations or currents, the auric
emanations of persons and things; and similar phases of Psychomancy,
but which does not include the power to sense occurrences happening in
distant places; nor the power to sense the records of the past, or to
receive indications of the future. (See Lesson III.)

(2) Sensing by means of the "Astral Tube," erected in the Ether by the
operation of one's Will or Desire, and which acts as a Psychic
"telescope," or "microscope," with "X Ray" features. (See Lesson IV.)

(3) Sensing by means of the actual projection of one's own Astral Body
to the distant scene. (See Lesson VII.)

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