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Adding A Medium

Sometimes there may result certain physical phenomena such as table
tippings and movements of furniture, in cases in which there is a
sufficient amount of psychic force generated among the sitters; but in
such cases there may be an absolute failure to produce some of the
higher forms of mediumistic phenomena, such as, for instance, clear
spirit messages by raps or otherwise, the failure being caused by the
fact that the circle did not include in its membership any person of
sufficiently developed mediumistic powers to be considered a "medium."
In such cases the introduction into the circle of a person possessing
fairly developed mediumistic powers of the higher order may change the
condition of affairs at once, and almost immediately the higher
manifestations may present themselves. In such cases the soil is richly
fertilized and highly cultivated, and all that has been lacking is the
strong, vigorous seed of true mediumship. In such cases when a true
medium is discovered by means of his or her introduction into the circle
(for such discovery is often made in this way), it may be well for the
circle afterwards to devote itself to the development of that particular
medium. And it must not be forgotten that such development of the
particular medium frequently also results in the development of the
other members sitting in the circle.

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