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Black Magic

It has well been said that there are always two poles to
everything in Nature, and continued experience and investigation seems
to substantiate this statement. Whenever we find a force or power
producing beneficial results, we may usually feel assured that the same
force or power, turned in another direction, or possibly reversed in its
action, will produce results of an opposite character. And so it is with
this subject of "Magic" which we are now considering. While we would be
very glad to pass over this phase of the subject, truth and duty to our
readers compel us to state that White Magic has its opposite pole--that
opposite pole known as Black Magic, or the use of psychic force for
selfish and unworthy ends. There is no use trying to pursue the ostrich
policy regarding these things--it is always better to face them boldly,
and then to take means to avoid the evil contained in them.

* * * * *

We prefer to quote from other writers on this subject, who have given
this particular matter the most careful attention and investigation, and
who have set forth simply and plainly the result of their investigations
and discoveries. Here follow several quotations from authorities of this

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