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Developing A Medium

If the circle be one devoted chiefly to the development of mediumistic
powers in some one of its members, then it will perhaps be best to have
only that particular medium present. The remainder of the sitters should
be highly sympathetic toward the developing medium, and should assume
the mental attitude of help and aid toward him. While the early results
of such a circle may not be so interesting as those at which a fully
developed medium is present, nevertheless the gradual unfoldment of the
powers of the medium will be found highly interesting, and the gradual
evolution of the character of the phenomena produced will be a liberal
education in itself. In case that in the circle there are no particular
persons regarded as being mediums, and where there is a general desire
to develop mediumistic powers among many or all of the sitters, there
must be carefully avoided anything approaching a rivalry between the
members of the circle; and at the same time a strong desire and perfect
willingness for the spirit power to manifest through whomsoever it may
prefer, without regard to the personal ambitions of the individual
sitters. Most certainly there must be no spirit of "competition" among
the sitters in the circle.

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