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Developing The Natural Power

A writer on this subject well says: "Just as a drum or tamborine is
incapable of being made to emit a tithe of what can be produced by means
of a piano or a violin, in the way of music, so the differences in
quality and conditions of the physical organisms, and in the degree of
nervous and psychical sensibility of those who desire mediumship, render
it improbable that any but a small proportion will develop such extreme
susceptibility to spirit influence as will repay them for the time and
self-sacrifice involved in the cultivation of their powers. Further, it
should be borne in mind that while wise spirits are ever ready to
respond to the call of the earnest aspirant for spiritual truth, as wise
spirits they are not likely to devote themselves to the preparation of
an instrument that would be inefficient for their purpose. The nervous
system of the medium, whatever his phase may be, has to be trained to
respond to the will and the psychic force of the controlling spirit,
just as much as the muscles of the musician or artist, and 'practice
makes perfect' in the one case as well in the other. Since mediumship
is a strictly natural qualification, depending upon organic fitness and
susceptibility, it is not a supernatural power or a special 'gift,'
neither does it insure the moral purity nor the intellectual ability of
the medium, any more than musical or artistic capabilities are evidences
of the special intelligence or the high moral tones of their

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