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Disturbing Elements

"Frequently at the outset both spirits and sitters are ignorant of their
powers, of the conditions necessary for success, and the association
that exists between them being affectional rather than intellectual or
spiritual, they have to grope their way towards each other. It follows,
therefore, that experiments have to be made on BOTH sides. Sitters and
young mediums often spoil the seances by over-anxiety. There would not
be half so much heard of 'evil spirits' (so-called) if more regard were
paid to the necessity of maintaining a calm, patient, and serene frame
of mind. Some people become excited as soon as phenomena commences;
mediums not infrequently get nervous or timid when they feel that they
are being affected, and, although they desire to be controlled, they are
AFRAID to submit to the influences when they are likely to lose
consciousness. All these are disturbing elements, and naturally
interfere with the flow of the forces that are to be utilized, and
prevent the success that is desired. A spirit without any very definite
purpose, finding himself in the presence of a mediumistic person, may
seek to influence him, and spasmodic actions may result. Unless the
control should soon give evidence of clear thought and definite purpose,
he should be requested, in a kindly and courteous manner, to seek the
assistance of some spirit who understands the methods to be employed,
and induce him to exert his power for the benefit of the medium and the

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