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Example Of Light Waves

The same process is detected in the transmission of what we call light
waves. The activities manifested by the substance of the sun set up
certain vibrations which we call "light vibrations." These are
communicated to the ether in the form of so-called "light waves" but
which are merely etheric waves of a certain rate of vibration. These
waves travel through space and are transformed into "light" only when
they reach some material substance capable of receiving and reflecting
their vibrations. Science tells us that empty space is perfectly DARK,
and that light manifests only when the etheric light vibrations come in
contact with material substance and are there transformed into "light."
Light, as "light" does not travel from the sun--what we know as "light"
is simply the result of the transformation of certain etheric waves into
"light" by reason of their contact with material substances.

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