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Fraudulent Slate Writing

Slate phenomena has been brought into some degree of discredit and
disrepute during the past ten years or more, by reason of the fact that
a number of unscrupulous "fakers," or bogus-mediums, employed a system
where this class of phenomena was counterfeited by trick methods. But,
as all careful investigators of mediumistic phenomena well know, some
wonderful results are still obtained, quietly and without publicity or
notoriety, in many family or private circles. In this case, and in many
others, the very best mediumistic phenomena is often produced in those
family or private circles, where mutual sympathy, harmony, and spiritual
understanding prevail, and where there is an absence of the sceptical,
cavilling, negative mental attitudes, which tend to interfere with the
free flow of spirit power and the degree of manifestation. The tiny
flame burning on the family altars and in the private shrines serve to
keep alive the Light of the Spirit, which is too often dimmed by the
public glare of counterfeit and sensational exhibitions of so-called
spirit power.

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