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General Directions For Crystal Gazing

An old English authority on the subject of crystal gazing handed down to
his students a certain set of general directions and rules to govern the
conduct of their experiments. These rules and directions have never
been improved upon by the later writers on the subject, according to the
opinion of the best authorities; and such stand today as perhaps the
simplest and best set of general rules and directions on this important
subject. For this reason we have thought it advisable to include the
same in this chapter, for the guidance of our own students. Here follow
the said general rules and directions:

"What is desired through the regular use of the translucent sphere is to
cultivate a personal degree of clairvoyant power, so that visions of
things or events, past, present, and future, may appear clearly in the
interior vision, or eye of the soul. In the pursuit of this effort only,
the crystal becomes at once a beautiful, interesting and harmless
channel of pleasure and instruction, shorn of dangers, and rendered
conducive to mental development. To the attainment of this desirable
end, attention is asked to the following practical directions, which, if
carefully followed, will lead to success:

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