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Great Changes Impending

But it would be unjust and unfair to the general public were we to fail
to add to the above criticism the fact that there is underway a great
change in the public opinion regarding this important matter. More and
more persons are becoming interested in Nature's Finer Forces every day;
more are becoming more familiar with the phenomena manifested by the
gifted individuals possessing these wondrous powers; and more are coming
to realize that these powers are really latent in all of the members of
the human race, though lying dormant in the majority thereof, and may be
unfolded and brought into active manifestation by scientific methods of
training and development. But, even so, the student and teacher of this
great subject should carefully bear in mind the important distinction
above made between that which is "abnormal," and that which is
"supernormal"; and such should lose no opportunity in pointing out this
important distinction whenever the subject arises in conversation or
argument--for the propaganda of truth should be earnestly and vigorously
pursued, in order that the world may be liberated from its chains of

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