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Home Circle Development

"Around the family table, where those who are united in affection meet
to hold joyous communion with their spirit friends, where the blended
desire ascends to the spiritual plane, and becomes the potent magnetic
attraction, by which those friends can establish harmonious relations
with the sitters--in such a circle and under such conditions even a weak
degree of mediumistic responsiveness to the outpouring from the spirit
side will become intensified and exalted, until rhythmic vibrations are
established and thought and emotion will readily pass from one to
another, and all will be attuned. The best method of cultivation is to
regard the mediumistic sensitiveness as a natural and desirable quality,
to be evolved by training and experiments, under the direction of the
reason and the conscience. In this manner the tribunal which decides the
conduct of life is ever present, and no matter what influences are
brought to bear on the sensitive he remains steadfast, realizing that
the responsibility for use or abuse rests upon himself."

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