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How To Heal By Spirit Power

"If you are impressed with the idea that you possess healing power, you
can easily experiment upon your suffering friends or acquaintances. If
you are mediumistic, and spirits desire to develop you for the healing
work, you will readily feel that you are impressed what to do. Your
hands will be guided to the proper position, and you will spontaneously
make the requisite passes. Magnetic healing has really nothing to do
with massage, the induction of sleep, or with any form of mesmerism or
hypnotism. The healing medium should centre his thought and interest
solely and wholly with the idea of effecting a cure. He will need to be
sympathetic, but hopeful. Do not let your patient think about his
ailments, but arouse his thought and engage his attention upon some
outside subject. Make him feel comfortable, and lead him to expect good
results; to do this you must be affirmative and confident. Unless you
are impressed, or are controlled, to do otherwise, sit in front and take
hold of the hands of the sufferer for a time, then make gentle, short,
downward passes over the part affected, and conclude with long sweeping
passes from head to foot without contact. For local affections, point
your hands at or just touch the spot with your finger tips, or make
direct horizontal or slightly downward movements, as if you were
throwing something at him. A warm, comfortable room is favorable to
magnetizing, and a genial mental atmosphere, created by cheerful and
kindly minds in the operator and persons present, will contribute
largely to the success of the treatment. You will do well to act upon
your impressions and make the passes in whatever way you feel impelled
or compelled. If you operate under spirit guidance, you will be
impressed more or less clearly how to proceed in each case. In all
probability you may sympathetically 'take on,' and be affected by, the
symptoms of the disease from which the patient suffers, and in that way
be able to form an accurate diagnosis of the case; but you must guard
against exhaustion, and should always 'throw off' from yourself the
influence that you have received, and wash your hands thoroughly after
each treatment."

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