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How To Use The Spirit Cabinet

When the cabinet is properly arranged the medium enters it and sits down
on a chair provided for that purpose. He should not be disturbed
thereafter, but should be encouraged and aided in his work by the
maintenance of a quite, reverent mental attitude on the part of the
members of the circle. It will be found helpful if a few hymns are sung
while waiting for manifestations from the cabinet. The best way to
encourage materialization at a regular circle is for gradual steps to be
taken leading up to this high phase of phenomena. For example, the
circle should sit in the ordinary way at its regular meetings, and
devote itself to the production of the lesser forms of phenomena. Then,
before adjournment, the medium may go into the cabinet while the circle
sits for materialization phenomena. This practice may be made to form a
regular part of the proceedings of the circle. But the circle must be
very patient concerning the production of this class of phenomena, for
the necessary conditions are very difficult to develop, even when aided
by the most powerful spirits. Many sittings may be required before even
the slightest sign of materialization is obtained--but the final result
will repay much waiting and watching, much patience and much
perseverance. But sooner or later the phenomena will come if the proper
conditions are provided for them.

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