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Impersonating Manifestations

It will often happen that some spirit will take control of the medium
for the purpose of communicating with a friend present in the circle or
AUDIENCE, and for the purpose of positively identifying himself to that
friend, he may deem it necessary to cause you to impersonate himself as
he was during his earth life. In such cases you will experience a
peculiar feeling of undergoing a complete transformation of personality,
and often a dual-personality for the time being. Another instance of
this kind is where a spirit wishing to communicate with friends, and
this being his first opportunity to manifest in the impersonating phase,
he may yield to that peculiar psychic law which seems to operate in the
direction of causing a spirit, manifesting for the first time, to enact
his dying experiences, and to manifest a pantomimic reproduction of his
last hours preceding death. In such cases, the medium reproduces, in a
most startlingly real manner, the movements, ways of breathing,
coughing, gestures, ejaculations, and may even go so far as to utter the
"last words" of the dying man whose spirit now controls the medium.
Every medium should be prepared for an experience of this kind, for it
will sometimes completely upset a medium unfamiliar with it, and not
knowing just what it all means.

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