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Incidents Of Impersonations

In a case such as stated above, the medium will probably find himself
either partially or completely conscious of what is being said and done
by the spirit through his body or vocal organs. He will naturally strive
to escape the utterance of the strange cries, moans, vocal gasps and
efforts, and the dead cries and farewell words of the dying man or
woman. Some mediums have felt at such times as if they were losing their
reason, and they have struggled to throw off the spirit control and
influence in order to regain their mental balance. The best mediums
advise the young mediums to keep as cool, calm, and collected as
possible in such cases, and not to allow themselves to become
panic-stricken. A writer on the subject has said: "Trust to the
sincerity of the spirit and the good sense of the sitters, and throw off
your fear. Yield obedience to your control, and neither help nor hinder
it. Just do and say what you feel you HAVE to do or say, and leave the
results. You cannot, or should not, be held responsible for failure by
the sitters, if there is no recognition; and by responding and giving
free course to the suggestion, which reaches you as an impulse or mental
impression, greater success will follow, and the development you seek
will be promoted. If, however, you find that the impersonations are
untrue, and the sitters are unable to interpret or recognize what you do
or say after you have followed out your impressions a number of times,
then resist them with all your strength of will, and require from the
spirit the proof of his identity in some other way."

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