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Is Darkness Necessary?

From the above it is seen that not only is the trance condition not
absolutely necessary for the production of striking mediumistic
phenomena, but that, also, there is no absolute necessity for the
condition of darkness to be maintained as an essential feature of such
phenomena. While many mediums insist upon the condition of darkness at
seances, it is thought by some careful thinkers that this arises from
the fact that such mediums have been accustomed to such conditions from
their earliest days of mediumship, and have grown to believe that the
same are absolutely necessary. It is thought that if such mediums would
begin over again, practicing in full light in the company of a few
sympathetic friends, they would before long grow accustomed to the new
conditions, and would then be able to reproduce all of their most
important phenomena in full light. Using the terms of modern psychology,
it would seem that such mediums are the victims of their own
"auto-suggestion," and fixed beliefs; and, as all students of the
subject well know, the mental states of the medium have a most important
bearing of the quality of the phenomena produced, and form a very
important factor of the conditions governing the success of the seance.

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