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Laws Of Psychic Attraction

The third phase of Psychic Influence is that which may be called Indirect
Psychic Influence, in which psychic induction is manifested in the minds
of other persons coming in contact with the thought vibrations of the
person manifesting them, although no deliberate attempt is made to
influence the mind of any particular person or persons. Closely connected
with and involved in this phase of psychic influence, is that which is
called the Psychic Law of Attraction. So closely are these two connected
that I shall consider them together in this lesson.

The fundamental principle of this phase of psychic influence is the
well-known psychic fact that mental and emotional states not only induce
similar vibrations in those who are similar attuned on the psychic
vibratory scale, but also tend to attract and draw to the person other
persons who are vibrating along similar lines, and also tend to repel
those who are vibrating in an opposing note or scale of psychic vibration.

In the preceding lessons I have shown you how by induction we tend to
arouse in others mental and emotional states similar to our own. But there
is a law in effect here, which must be noted if you wish to thoroughly
understand this phase of psychic influences. Omitting all technical
explanations, and getting right down to the heart of the phenomenon, I
would say that the general principle is this: Psychic induction is
difficult in proportion to the opposing quality of the characteristic
mental and emotional states of the person affected; and easy in proportion
to the harmonious quality thereof. That is to say, in plain words, that if
a person's habitual thought and emotions are along the same lines that you
are trying to induce in him, you will find it easy to induce the same in
him; if, on the contrary, they are of an opposing nature, then you will
find it difficult to so influence him. The many degrees of agreement and
difference in the psychic vibrations of persons constitute a scale of
comparative response to any particular form of mental or emotional

It is hard to change the spots of a leopard, or the skin of an Ethiopian,
as we are told on ancient authority. It is almost as difficult to change
the characteristic mental and emotional states of a person by psychic
induction, except after long and repeated efforts. On the contrary, let a
person have certain characteristic mental and emotional habits, then these
may be aroused in them with the greatest ease by means of psychic
induction. For instance, if a person is characteristically and habitually
peaceful, mild and calm, it will be very difficult to arouse in him by
psychic induction the vibrations of anger, fight and excitement. On the
other hand, if the other person is combative, fierce and easily excited to
wrath, it is the easiest possible thing to arouse these feelings in him by
psychic induction. So much for ordinary psychic induction; let us now
consider indirect psychic induction, in which the same principle operates.

In indirect psychic induction, that is to say in cases in which psychic
vibrations are aroused by induction without deliberate attempt or design
to influence any particular person or persons, there is noted the
manifestation of a peculiar law of attraction and repulsion along psychic
lines. This psychic law operates in the direction of attracting to oneself
other persons who, actively or passively, vibrate on the same note, or on
some note or notes in general harmony therewith. In the same, way, the law
causes you to repel other persons who vibrate on a note or notes in
general inharmony or discord to yourself. So, in short, we go through life
attracting or repelling, psychically, others in harmonious or inharmonious
psychic relation to us, respectively. An understanding of this law and its
workings will throw light upon many things in your life which you have not
understood previously.

You of course understand that you are constantly radiating currents of
psychic vibrations, some of which flow out to great distances from you,
and affect others often far removed from you in space. But you may not
also know that on the astral plane there is manifesting a similar sequence
of cause and effect. A strong emotional vibration, or a strong desire or
will, tends to manifest on the astral plane by attracting or repelling
others in psychic harmony or inharmony with you. This phenomenon is not so
common as is that of ordinary thought vibrations from brain to brain, but
it is far more common that is generally supposed. It is particularly
marked in cases of men of strong desire and will, and strong creative
imagination. These vibrations awakening response in the minds of those in
harmony with them, tend to draw to one those other persons whose general
character will fit in with the desires and ideas of the first person, or
to repel those who are not harmonious therewith. This explains the
peculiar phenomenon of strong men in business, politics and other walks of
life, drawing and attracting to them other men who will fit in with their
general plans and aims.

This law works two ways. Not only do you draw such persons to you as will
fit in with your plans and purposes, but you are attracted to them by the
same law. Not only this, but you will find that through the peculiar
workings of this law even things and circumstances, as well as persons,
will seem to be moulded by your strong desires and ideas, providing your
psychic vibrations are sufficiently strong and clear. Have you never
noticed how a strong, resourceful magnetic man will seem to actually draw
to him the persons, things and circumstances that he needs to carry out
and manifest his plans and designs. To many, not understanding this great
law, these things have seemed positively uncanny and mysterious. But,
now-a-days, the big men of business and politics are beginning to
understand these psychic laws, and to apply them deliberately and with

Some of the great leaders in the business world, and in politics, are
known to deliberately start into operation strong psychic vibrations, and
to send out strong psychic currents of attraction, by the methods that I
have already explained to you. They, of course, are filled with a more
than ordinary degree of desire and will and, in the second place, they
create very strong and clear mental pictures of their plans working out
successfully to a finish; then concentrate strongly on the thing; and lo!
the effect is felt by all hands and on all sides. They "treat the public"
(to use the term favored by some of the metaphysical cults of the day) by
holding the mental picture of that which they strongly desire to come to
pass, and by concentrating their thought and will strongly upon it.

A favorite mental picture of some of these men (who have been instructed
by teachers of occultism), is that of themselves as the centre of a great
psychic whirlpool, drawing to themselves the persons, things and
circumstances calculated to bring success and realization to them. Others
picture their thought-vibrations flowing from them like the rings in a
pond into which a stone had been dropped, influencing a constantly
widening circle of other persons; then they picture the persons being
drawn to them in the manner just mentioned. They persist in this practice
day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year--is it
any wonder that they draw to themselves that which they desire?

Other persons of lesser caliber take similar advantage of the law in the
same way, but on a smaller scale. In every community there are certain
persons who seem to draw to themselves the patronage and custom of the
community, in some peculiar way. In most cases this may be traced back to
some form of psychic influence. I do not mean that these persons
consciously and deliberately set these forces into operation. On the
contrary, many of them do so more or less unconsciously, and without a
knowledge of the underlying psychic principles involved. Such persons have
stumbled on a portion of the psychic laws, and have used them more or less
unconsciously and without understanding the real reason of the happening.
They found out that certain mental states and certain mental pictures
tended to produce certain results--that they "worked out"--and so they
continued them. Some of these men think of the whole thing as something
supernatural, and get to believe that they are being helped by some
supernatural power; whereas, they are simply operating under a universal
psychic law of cause and effect.

In America a number of teachers and writers have devoted much attention to
this phase of the general subject of psychic influence. Cults have been
formed upon this general basis, the main idea of their followers being
that of attracting financial and other success by means of this phase of
psychic force. One of the leading writers along this line, says: "An
individual who has cultivated the faculty of concentration, and has
acquired the art of creating sharp, clear, strong, mental images, and who
when engaged in an undertaking will so charge his mind with the idea of
success, will be bound to become an attracting centre. And if such an
individual will keep his mental picture ever in his mind, even though it
be in the background of his mind, when he is attending to the details and
planning of his affairs--if he will give his mental picture a prominent
place in his mental gallery, taking a frequent glance at it, and using his
will upon it to create new scenes of actual success, he will create for
himself a centre of radiating thought that will surely be felt by those
coming within its field of influence.

"Such a man frequently 'sees people as coming to him and his enterprises,
and as falling in line with his plans. He mentally 'sees' money flowing in
to him, and all of his plans working out right. In short, he mentally
imagines each step of his plans a little ahead of the time for their
execution, and he concentrates forcibly and earnestly upon them. It is
astonishing to witness how events, people, circumstances, and things seem
to move in place in actual life as if urged by some mighty power to serve
to materialize the conditions so imaged in the mind of the man. But,
understand, there must be active mental effort behind the imaging. Day
dreamers do not materialize thought--they merely dissipate energy. The man
who converts thought in activity and material being throws energy into
the task, and puts forth his willpower through the pictured image. Without
the rays of the will there will be no picture projected, no matter how
beautifully the imagination has projected it. Thought pictured in mental
images, and then vitalized by the force of the desire, and will, tend to
objectify themselves into material being."

The student will be interested in reading and hearing the various theories
and explanations given by different writers and teachers to account for
the phenomena of psychic influence. Once he has grasped the real
scientific principles involved, he will be able to see the same in
operation in all of the cases cited by the different teachers and writers,
and will find that this fundamental principle fully explains and accounts
for all of these cases, no matter how puzzling they may seem, or how
mysterious they may be claimed to be by those mentioning them. Truth is
very simple when we brush away the fantastic dressings which have been
placed around it by those who have lacked knowledge of the true
fundamental principles.

We see this same law or principle operating in very many different ways
from those previously mentioned. For instance, we frequently find cases in
which one person has a strong desire for a certain kind of assistance in
his business or other work. He has almost given up hope of finding the
right kind of person, for those whom he has tried have failed to measure
up the requirements of the situation. If he will (and he sometimes does)
follow the general plan just mentioned, he will set into operation the
psychic forces which will attract that person to him, and him to that
person. In some peculiar way, the two will be thrown together, and the
combination will work out to the best advantage of both. In these cases,
each person is seeking the other, and the psychic forces of attraction,
once set into operation, serve to bring them together.

In like manner, one often draws to himself certain knowledge and
information that he requires or is desirous of gaining. But, and you must
always remember this, no miracle is worked, for it is simply a matter of
the working out of natural laws of cause and effect--attraction and
response to attraction--on the psychic or astral plane. Such a person will
accidently (!) run across some other person who will be led to give him
the key to the knowledge he seeks. Perhaps a book may be mentioned, or
some reference to some writer be made. If the hint is followed up, the
desired information comes to light. Many persons have had the psychic
experience of being led to some book store and induced to examine a
particular shelf of books, whereupon a particular book presents itself
which changes the whole course of the person's life. Or, perhaps, one will
pick up a newspaper apparently at random, and without purpose; and therein
will find some information, or at least a hint in the direction where the
information may be found. When one accustoms himself to the workings of
psychic forces, these things soon become accepted as a matter of course,
and cease to arouse wonder or surprise. The workings of the Psychic Law of
Attraction is seen to be as natural and invariable as the law of
gravitation, or magnetic attraction, once one has mastered its principles,
and learned the methods of its application. Surely such a wonderful law is
well worth study, attention, investigation, and mastery, isn't it?

A writer along the lines of Mental Science, which is really based on the
principles which have been stated in this book, has the following to say
regarding his system: "Wonderful results arise by reason of what has been
called 'The Law of Attraction,' by the workings of which each person is
continually drawing to himself the people, things, objects, and even
circumstances in harmony and accord with his prevailing mental states.
Like attracts like, and the mental states determine that which one draws
to himself. If you are not satisfied with what is coming to you, start to
work and change your mental attitudes and mental states, and you will see
a change gradually setting in, and then the things that you want will
begin to come your way. * * * A most important fact about the effect of
mental vibrations upon people lies in the principle that one is more
affected by vibrations in harmony with his own accustomed feelings and
mental states, than by those of an opposite nature. A man who is full of
evil schemes, and selfish aims, is more apt to be caught up by similar
vibrations than one who lives above that plane of thought. He is more
easily tempted by evil suggestions and influences, than one to whom these
things are abhorrent. And the same is true on every plane. A man whose
mental attitude is one of confidence and fearlessness, is not apt to be
affected by vibrations of a negative, pessimistic, gloomy nature, and vice
versa. Therefore, if you wish to receive the vibrations of the thoughts
and feelings of others, you must place yourself in a mental attitude
corresponding with those vibrations which you wish to receive. And if you
wish to avoid vibrations of a certain kind, the best way is to rise above
them in your own mind, and to cultivate the mental states opposite them.
The positive always overcomes the negative--and optimistic mental states
are always positive to pessimistic mental states."

Another writer on, and practitioner of Mental Science, in America, several
years ago, explained her theory and practice by means of the term
"corelation of thoughts and things." She held that when one thought
positively, clearly and forcibly of a thing, he "related" himself to that
thing, and tended to attract it to him, and to be attracted toward it. She
held that true wisdom consists in so managing our thoughts that we shall
relate ourselves only to those things which we know to be desirable and
beneficial to ourselves, and to avoid thinking of those which are harmful
and detrimental to us. The student of this book will see how this
practical Mental Scientist was really using the same principles that we
have examined and become acquainted within this book, although she called
them by another name, and explained them by another theory. At the bottom
of all the teachings and theories you will always find the one same basic
principle and universal law.

The advanced student of occultism knows that each and every one of us is
really a creator of his own circumstances, environment and conditions, to
a great extent. Each of us is able to so modify our mental activities as
to bring about such changes in our environment and surroundings as to
actually re-create them. The things accomplished by successful men are
really but materializations of that which they have previously held in
their mental vision. Everything is first created on the psychic plane, and
then manifested in the physical world. All the great works of man, the
great bridges, great buildings, tunnels, machinery, cities, railroads,
canals, works of art, musical compositions, etc., first existed in the
mind of their creators, and were then afterward materialized in physical
form and shape. And, so you see we are proceeding with our work of mental
creations whenever we think and make mental images. This, however, is no
new teaching. It is as old as the race of mankind. Over twenty-five
hundred years ago, Buddha said to his disciples: "All that we are is the
result of what we have thought; it is founded on our thoughts; it is made
up of our thoughts."

I would be telling you but half the story did I not warn you that strong
Fear may play the part ordinarily filled by Desire in the production of
the psychic phenomena of materialization of mental pictures. Strange as
it may appear at first, a strong fear that a thing will come to pass will
act much the same as a strong desire that the happening will occur.
Consequently, many persons by continually dwelling upon the thing that
they fear may happen to them, actually attract that thing to them, just as
if they had actually desired and wished for it. I cannot go into occult
technicalities in explaining this strange fact; but the gist of the secret
may be said to consist in the fact that the person clearly and vividly
pictures in his mind the thing that he fears may happen to him. He thus
creates a strong mental-picture or image of it, which sets into forces the
attractive power of psychic influence and draws the feared thing into
material reality. As Job said: "The thing that I feared hath come upon
me." The moral of this is, of course, that persons should learn to stamp
out fear and mental images of things feared. Instead, they should make
strong positive mental denials of the things that they may find themselves
fearing. They should deny the reality of the feared thing, and assert
positively their own superiority to the thing, and their power to overcome

A great religious cult has sprung into existence which makes a leading
doctrine of this ability to materialize the things which one desires, and
to deny out of existence undesirable things. Many persons who have
witnessed the wonderful success of some of the followers of this cult or
organization, have been puzzled to account for the same on scientific and
rational grounds. A little understanding of fundamental occult and
psychic principles, as given in these lessons, will show the "why and
wherefore" of these strange and wonderful manifestations. In this
connection you must remember that the combined thought of the thousands of
persons composing this cult or organization undoubtedly gives additional
psychic force to the mental affirmations and denials of the individual
member thereof.

In past and present, and probably in future time, there have been many
instances of magical procedures tending to bring about the results that we
have herein seen to come about by reason of psychic influence, in some of
its many phases. These magic procedures have usually been accompanied by
incantations, ceremonies, strange rites, evocations, etc., which were
supposed to have great virtue in bringing about desired results. But the
true occultists now know that these ceremonies and rites were merely hopes
to the imagination and aids to faith, and thus tended to bring about the
psychic phenomena. There was no virtue in these ceremonies themselves, and
the same results may be secured by simply following the procedure outlined
in this book. The wonders of ancient magic have been reproduced by the
modern occultists, without all the mumbo-jumbo of the past rites and

A gifted English writer upon the subject of the relation of mysticism and
magic, sums up the gist of the principles of Magic as follows:

"The central doctrine of Magic may now be summed up thus:

"(1) That a supersensible and real cosmic medium exists, which
interpenetrates, influences, and supports the tangible and apparent world,
and is amenable to the categories both of meta-physics and of physics."
[This of course is the astral plane, which is the container of the subtle
form or framework of all that exists on the physical plane.]

"(2) That there is an established analogy and equilibrium between the real
(and unseen) world, and the illusory manifestation that we call the world
of sense." [By this of course is meant the correspondence and balance
between the subtle form of things and the material manifestation thereof.
Things created in the astral, tend to materialize on the physical plane.
All creation proceeds from the astral to the physical.]

"(3) That this analogy may be discerned, and this equilibrium controlled,
by the disciplined will of man, which thus becomes master of itself and of
fate." [The essence of Will consists of strong desire accompanied by a
clear mental picture of the thing desired, and held steady and firm by

So you see by reference to the above very clear statement of the central
doctrine of Magic, and my explanations thereof, that in these lessons you
have been taught the very essence of the wonderful, mysterious ancient
Magic, and its modern counterpart. As for the various rites and
ceremonies, as I have said, these are mere symbols and aids to mental
imaging and concentration. As an eminent occultist once said, "Ceremonies
being but artificial methods of creating certain habits of the will, they
cease to be necessary when these habits have become fixed." The master of
occultism sees ceremonies, rites, and ritual as but the playthings of the
kindergarten scholar--useful and important so far as they go, but serving
merely to teach the scholar, sooner or later, that he may proceed without

In this chapter I have condensed enough information to fill a whole book.
I trust that you will study it carefully, and not miss its main points.

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