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Mediumship And Religious Belief

The careful student will of course notice that this communication with
the higher planes of life and being--this so-called "mediumship"--does
not depend upon any particular form of religious belief, or teaching,
concerning the nature of the state or place of abode of the departed
spirits of men; but, on the contrary, is common to all form of religion
and to all phases of belief in the survival of the human soul.
Therefore, a scientific consideration of the general subject does not
necessitate the acceptance of any one particular phase of religious
belief, or of any particular system of teaching concerning the nature or
state of "life after death." All that is required of the person
accepting the general fact of "higher plane communication" may be stated
as follows: (1) Acceptance of the fact that the human soul persists
after the death of the body, and independent of and removed from the
dead body; (2) acceptance of the fact that the decarnate souls of human
beings may, and do, establish communication with human beings still
dwelling upon the earth-plane of existence.

We may state here that the term "decarnate" means "away from the
physical body," or "out of the flesh;" the term being the opposite of
"incarnate," meaning "clothed with flesh, or embodied in flesh." We may
also state here that the teachings of most philosophies of the life
after death hold that the decarnate human soul is not entirely devoid of
a body, but rather occupies a body composed of some ethereal substance;
this ethereal body being called the "astral body," or the "spiritual

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