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Mediumship And The Bible

A third writer, Rev. H. E. Haweis, says in connection with the relation
of spiritualism with religion: "People now believe in the Bible because
of spiritualism; they do not believe in spiritualism because of the
Bible. Take up your Bible and you will find that there is not a single
phenomenon which is recorded there which does not occur at seances
today. Whether it be lights, sounds, the shaking of the house, the
coming through closed doors, the mighty rushing winds, levitation,
automatic writing, the speaking in tongues, we are acquainted with all
these phenomena; they occur every day in London as well as in the Acts
of the Apostles. It is incontestable that such things do occur, that in
the main the phenomena of spiritualism are reliable, and happen over and
over again, under test conditions, in the presence of witnesses; and
that similar phenomena are recorded in the Bible, which is written for
our learning. It is not an opinion, not a theory, but a fact. There is
chapter and verse for it, and this is what has rehabilitated the Bible.
The clergy ought to be very grateful to spiritualism for this, for they
could not have done it themselves. They tried, but they failed."

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