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Mental Atmosphere Of The Medium

Likewise, it must not be forgotten that an important factor in the
production of mediumistic phenomena is that which Morse, in the above
quotation, has called "the mental atmosphere of the medium controlled."
In many cases the spirit powers are present and ready to manifest
freely, and the mental atmosphere of the sitters is likewise desirable
and sympathetic, but still the manifestations are but faint, irregular,
and generally unsatisfying--the weak link of the chain being found in
the mental state of the medium, and consequently in the mental
atmosphere arising from the same. Such undesirable mental states and
atmospheres may be said to arise principally from two general causes, as
follows: (1) Desire on the part of the medium to produce sensational or
brilliant results, and (2) Doubt on the part of the medium concerning
the genuineness and validity of the communications. Let us consider each
of these in further detail.

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