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Microscopic Vision

Another phase of clairvoyant power of this general class, but one not
nearly so common as those above mentioned, is described by a well-known
occultist as follows: "Another strange power of which the clairvoyant
may find himself in possession is that of magnifying at will the
minutest physical particle to any desired size, as through a
microscope--though no microscope ever made, or ever likely to be made,
possesses even a thousandth part of this psychic magnifying power. By
its means the hypothetical molecule and atom postulated by science
becomes visible and living realities to the occult student, and on this
closer examination he finds them to be much more complex in their
structure than the scientific man has yet realized them to be. It also
enables him to follow with the closest attention and the most lively
interest all kinds of electrical, magnetic, and other etheric action;
and when some of the specialists in these branches of science are able
to develop the power to see these things whereof they speak so facilely,
some very wonderful and beautiful revelations may be expected."

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