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Modern Black Magic

"In our own civilized lands there are many people who have learned the
principles of mental influence, and who are using the same for unworthy
purposes, seeking to injure others and to defeat their undertakings, or
else trying to bring them around to their own (the treators') point of
view and inclinations. The modern revival of occult knowledge has
operated along two lines, and in opposite directions. On the one hand,
we see and hear of the mighty power for good that mental influence is
exerting over the race today, raising up the sick, strengthening the
weak, putting courage into the despondent, and transforming failures
into successes. But, on the other hand, the hateful selfishness and
greed of unprincipled persons is taking advantage of this mighty force
of nature, and prostituting it to the hateful ends of such persons,
without heed to the dictates of conscience or the teaching of religion
or of ordinary morality. These people are sowing a baleful wind, which
will result in their reaping a frightful whirlwind on the mental plane.
They are bringing down upon themselves pain and misery in the future."

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