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Natural Unfoldment

Again, the person wishing to develop his latent mediumistic powers must
exercise patience and perseverance, and must not insist upon a premature
attempt at revelation on the part of the spirits. The process of the
unfoldment of the mediumistic powers should be akin to that of the
unfoldment of the bud of the flower, that is to say, it must be gradual,
natural, and unforced. The writer above mentioned, says on this point:
"Too many people, instead of waiting until the spirits were ready to
communicate with them, have pressed for 'tests' before the connections
were properly made. They have complicated matters by their eager
questionings, and have worried the operators until everything went
wrong; and then, because the answers were incorrect, inconsequent and
misleading, or persistently negative, they declared that the spirit was
a deceiver, evil, or foolish, and, while having only themselves to
blame, gave up the sittings in disgust, whereas, had they been less
impetuous, less opinionated, less prejudiced, they would in all
probability have eventually obtained satisfactory proofs of the presence
of their spirit loved ones."

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