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Psychometric Getting In Touch

"A psychometrist may, by holding a letter in his hand, or putting it to
his forehead, be able to perceive and delineate the personal appearance
of the writer thereof, and, in a way, to 'take on' his conditions,
describe his feelings and thoughts to such an extent as to identify
himself with him and to feel, for the time being, as if he, himself,
were the writer; he may even tell what is written in the letter,
although unable to see the writing. Human hair is found by some
psychometrists to give them the best means of coming into touch with
their subjects, and it is said that such hair should be cut from the
head just behind the ears, as close to the scalp as possible. It not
infrequently happens that a psychometrist gets started upon a false
trail, so to speak, and especially so when the inquirer is suspicious,
or where there is a mixture of psychic influences. A fan passed by a
lady to a sitter in the front row at a meeting, and held in the hands of
the latter for a few minutes while awaiting a chance to be handed to the
psychic, has resulted in a blending of vibratory influences which has
caused an imperfect or confused 'reading.' In one case the gentleman who
held the fan said 'I fully recognize the part of the description which
the lady does not admit--it applies to myself quite perfectly.' Hence
the necessity for care in providing articles for psychometrists in a
public meeting. A ring, for instance, which has been in the family for
generations, and handed from one wearer to another in the course of
years, may afford such a blending of psychic vibrations that the
psychometrist may be unable to sense distinctly each distinct stratum of
influence therein.

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