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Scientific Investigators

Scientific observers, for a number of years past, have been conducting
careful series of experiments in Telepathy, and many volumes of the
reports of such investigations have been published by various psychic
research societies. Among the eminent scientists who have devoted much
attention to this subject are the following: Professor Henry Sidgewick,
of Cambridge University; Professor Balfour Stewart, of the Royal Society
of England; Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, the eminent English statesman and
scientist; Professor William James, the eminent American psychologist;
Sir William Crookes, the great English chemist, physicist, who invented
the celebrated "Crookes' Tubes," without which the discovery of the
X-Rays, Radio Activity, etc., would have been impossible; Frederick W.
H. Myers, the celebrated investigator of Psychic Phenomena; and Sir
Oliver Lodge, the eminent English scientist. All these men are of the
highest international standing and reputation, and their acceptance of
the phenomena of Telepathy places the same on a firm scientific basis.

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