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Scientific Proof Of Materialization

It is not the purpose of this book to prove the existence of mediumistic
phenomena--rather it points out the means and methods whereby the
student may obtain such proof for himself or herself. But it may be
suggested here that the sceptic may find an abundance of proof of the
genuineness of materialization phenomena in the records and reports made
by eminent scientists, statesmen, and others. Particularly, the report
of Sir William Crookes, the eminent English scientist, will furnish such
proof to the inquirer who demands "scientific proof" before he will
believe anything out of the usual. Sir William Crookes has given
convincing evidence of the genuineness of spirit materialization, even
going so far to offer records of the weight of materialized spirits, and
their photographs taken by him--in some instances the photographs
showing the forms of both medium and spirit materialization.

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