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Selection Of Place Etc

"(1) Select a quiet room where you will be entirely undisturbed, taking
care that it is as far as possible free from mirrors, ornaments,
pictures, glaring colors, and the like, which may otherwise distract the
attention. The room should be of comfortable temperature, in accordance
with the time of year, neither hot nor cold. About 60 to 65 degrees
Fahr. is suitable in most cases, though allowance can be made where
necessary for natural differences in the temperaments of various
persons. Thus thin, nervous, delicately organized individuals, and those
of lymphatic and soft, easy-going, passive types, require a slightly
warmer apartment than the more positive class who are known by their
dark eyes, hair and complexion, combined with prominent joints. Should a
fire, or any form of artificial light be necessary, it should be
screened off, so as to prevent the light rays from being reflected in,
or in any other manner directly reaching the crystal. The room should
not be dark, but rather shadowed, or charged with a dull light, somewhat
such as prevails on a cloudy or wet day.

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