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Self-protection For Mediums

Another writer says on this subject: "Mediumship occasionally acts in
such a manner that it becomes a stimulant to every organ and function of
the system, and the individual becomes excited, nervous, and irritable;
hence, the greater the acceleration of physiological functions as the
result of psychical influences upon the human body, the more need of
caution and restraint in every department of physiological life." But it
must not be understood that the proper practice of mediumship is harmful
and not conducive to good health. On the contrary, as a writer has said:
"We consider the highest degree of physical health perfectly compatible
with the best manifestation of mediumship." Another writer has well
said: "If you are not robust enough, if you have not sufficient
knowledge and self-mastery to use your will and maintain control over
your psychic self; if you are unable to guard against the adverse
emanations or the drawing power of others, you had better take lessons
in concentration and psychic self-protection; and until you understand
the art of self-possession, refrain from attempting to cultivate your
sensitiveness. It will never do for you to be 'too sensitive'--be
natural, sensible, and strong."

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