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Sensing The Higher Vibrations

Under the radio-active theory it is quite reasonable to conceive of the
clairvoyant sense being able to register and interpreting these higher
vibrations which are beyond the power of even the most delicate
instruments of science. It must be admitted that the existence of such
vibrations being granted--and science tacitly admits their
presence--then ordinary distances on earth would be no barrier at all to
the action of clairvoyant vision capable of registering them. Moreover,
in such case all intervening objects would be penetrated by these waves,
and as a writer has well said, "they would be able to cross one another
to infinity in all directions without entanglement, precisely as the
vibrations of ordinary light do." Physical science and psychic science
at last seem to have arrived at a common ground of understanding, and
many of the most advanced scientists do not hesitate to admit this
fact, though their more conservative brethren hesitate to do so.

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