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Spirit Advice And Counsel

If spirits voluntarily tender you their advice upon business matters,
especially if they are friends or relatives whom you know and trust, and
who, when here, were capable and experienced business people, you may
well give heed to their counsel, even though you may not feel it wise to
follow it; but do not make a practice of going to the spirits for
information concerning trade or finance. Why should you expect that wise
and enlightened spirits should concern themselves about stocks and
shares, commerce, or manufacturing? Probably they knew but little about
these things when they were here, and have no heed for such knowledge
over there; and it will be well for you to learn to live your own life,
do your business, and accept the ordinary duties and responsibilities
which naturally devolve upon you. Let mediumship be a PART of your
education and development, not the WHOLE.

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