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Spirit Suggestion

"At first the operator may succeed by very imperfectly stimulating the
brain of the sensitive and causing the cerebration and expression of his
thoughts. The utterances may bear but a slight resemblance to what the
spirit intended to express. The vocabulary is that of the medium, and
the form in which the speech is cast of necessity partakes of the mold
familiar to the sensitive--but, by continued close association and
frequent control of the medium, the operator gains experience which
enables him to exert a more decided influence; and the sensitive,
becoming attuned, responds to and expresses the thoughts of the spirit
with greater clearness and precision. Just as those who dwell together
unconsciously approach nearer to each other and acquire a similarity in
their mode of thought and of expressing their ideas (the more dominant
personality impressing itself upon the less positive), so the medium
imperceptibly, and very often unconsciously, acquires facility and
proficiency in thought and elocutionary expression as the result of the
co-operation between himself and his spirit guide."

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