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Spirits And The Sense Of Humor

It is not necessary for the sitters to assume an attitude of
preternatural gravity and solemnity. Instead, they should be natural and
cheerful, though of course not flippant or trifling, or indulging in an
exhibition of the cheap remarks which by so many is mistaken for wit.
The sense of humor, however, need not be thrown aside or discarded, for
as all investigators know many of the spirit visitors have a very highly
developed sense of humor, and sometimes even go so far as to seemingly
endeavor to shock some of the melancholy, over-serious, "prunes and
prism" type of sitters. As a writer well says: "Spirits are human still,
and a good, breezy laugh, a hearty, joyous, kindly sympathetic
disposition, goes a long way to open the avenues by which they can
approach us." Another has said: "Experience has taught that the
spiritual circle should be presided over by 'a pure heart and a strong
head'--to which qualities might well be added a well-ordered development
of the sense of humor, for the absence of humor often tends to make
philosophy grotesquely ill-proportioned."

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