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Test Conditions

"During the whole of my knowledge of D. D. Home, extending for several
years, I never once saw the slightest occurrence that would make me
suspicious that he was attempting to play tricks. He was scrupulously
sensitive on this point, and never felt hurt at anyone taking
precautions against deception. He sometimes, in the early days of our
acquaintance, used to say to me before a seance, 'Now, William, I want
you to act as if I were a recognized conjurer, and was going to cheat
you and play all the tricks I could. Take every precaution you can
devise against me, and move about and look under the table or where else
you like. Don't consider my feelings. I shall not be offended. I know
that the more carefully I am tested the more convinced will everyone be
that these abnormal occurrences are not of my own doings.' Latterly, I
used jokingly to say to him, 'Let us sit round the fire and have a quiet
chat, and see if our friends are here and will do anything for us. We
won't have any tests or precautions.' On these occasions, when only my
family were present with him, some of the most convincing phenomena took

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