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The Attainment Of Excellence

"There is but one course of procedure for the successful attainment of
excellence in any field of labor or thought, and that is by study and
training, by observation, by persevering application and determined
effort, by readiness to learn, and responsiveness to every influence
which will help to smooth the pathway to the desired success. The
intelligent medium who follows this course will not go blindly on
groping in the obscurity of the psychic realm, and becoming the tool for
unseen and unknown agents, but he will unfold his powers, and by
co-operating with them will learn to know and trust his preceptors,
until he may possibly become as a spirit among spirits, the conscious
possessor of such knowledge regarding his own spiritual nature and
powers that he will be a ready instrument in the hands of enlightened
spirit people, with whom he can knowingly work for human good."

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