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The Development Circle

As we have repeatedly stated in the foregoing pages, the actual spirit
circle is the best possible means of developing the latent powers of
mediumship, and the simplest, readiest, and most effective method of
discovering the presence of such latent powers in the individual. As a
leading medium has told us, it is "the primary school for the study of
spiritual facts, and for the training of mediums." The "spirit circle,"
as most of you know, is a company of harmonious, earnest, sympathetic
persons joining their psychic powers for the purpose of aiding the
medium to establish the lines of psychic communication between the earth
plane and the planes of the spiritual world. It must here be stated that
by "development" we do not mean the cultivation of the powers of the
spirits, but rather the training and unfoldment of the powers of the
medium to receive and transmit the power exercised by the spirit

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