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The Entranced State

Another mediumistic writer says: "The entrancement usually takes place
all at once, and the entranced one passes into the realm of
communication with the spirits without much warning of any kind. When
the medium is entranced it is highly essential that there be no
commotion or fear expressed in thought or action in the circle. It must
be remembered that the welfare of the medium depends a great deal on the
conditions of the others present, and purity of thought and pleasant
expectation should be the first thing looked after when the entrancement
occurs. In passing into the trance, the medium usually grows very pale
and acts not unlike a person going into a faint. But he or she must be
allowed to pass behind the veil without any commotion. When the
entrancement is accomplished, the manifestations may take place in
different ways. There are, in fact, many forms of manifestation
belonging to this particular phase of mediumship, but they all come
under the general rule and conditions."

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