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The Fall Of The Great

"'Then,' observed Madame la Duchesse de Grammont, 'as for that, we
women, we are happy to be counted for nothing in this revolution; when I
say for nothing, it is not that we do not always mix ourselves up with
them a little; but it is a received maxim that they take no notice of
us, and of our sex.' 'Your sex, ladies,' said Cazotte, 'your sex will
not protect you this time; and you had far better meddle with nothing,
for you will be treated entirely as men, without any difference
whatever.' 'But what, then, are you really telling us of, Monsieur
Cazotte? You are preaching to us the end of the world.' 'I know nothing
on that subject; but what I do know is, that you, Madame la Duchesse,
will be conducted to the scaffold, you and many other ladies with you,
in the cart of the executioner, and with your hands tied behind your
backs.' 'All! I hope that in that case I shall at least have a carriage
hung in black.' 'No, Madame; higher ladies than yourself will go, like
you, in the common car, with their hands tied behind them.' 'Higher
ladies! what! the princesses of the blood?' 'Yea, and still more exalted
personages!' replied Cazotte.

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