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The Higher Forces

We may say here, frankly and plainly, however, that the advanced
occultists regard this class of phenomena as comparatively simple and
elementary, and therefore not fully entitled to be included in the same
category with the higher phases of Nature's Finer Forces, such as, for
instance, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Communication with the Higher
Planes, etc. But notwithstanding this, we are of the opinion that any
and every one of the finer forces of nature, i.e., any of the forces
which are over and above the plane upon which the ordinary senses of
man, normally developed, ordinarily function and operate, should be
placed in one general category of the Higher Forces of Nature,
particularly in a work of this kind designed for the instruction of the
general public upon these important subjects. Accordingly, these lesser
manifestations of the finer forces in the natural world shall be
carefully considered in this part of this book, so that the student may
become acquainted with the scientific principles upon which they are
based, and may be enabled to develop the power of manifesting such
powers if he choose to do so; and that he may understand the nature of
such forces and powers when they are manifested by other persons.

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