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The Higher Senses Of Men

There are found persons who, while admitting the possibility of other
and finer planes of being and life, yet question the possibility of
communication between these planes of existence. They say, with
apparently sound logic, "How is it possible for the human being, with
his ordinary senses, to 'sense' things or being, dwelling on finer
planes of being?" If this were all that there is to the question, we
might well echo "How, indeed?" and agree with the critic. But, this is
not all that there is to it--not even the beginning of the end of the
tale. For not only may things on the finer planes become perceptible to
human beings by means of the lowering of the vibrations of these finer
vibratory objects in certain ways, but human beings may develop and
cultivate an increased power in their senses of sight and hearing, and
thus raise their vibrations so as to "sense" the things of the higher
vibrations; and, still more, human beings may, and often do, develop
and cultivate certain latent powers of "sensing" which are inherent in
every one of us, and thus directly "sense" the sights and sounds of the
higher planes of existence, almost if not quite as clearly as they can
sense the objects and events of their own plane of existence. To
understand how this can be, it is necessary to carefully consider the
question of "sensing" in general, so as to understand just what enables
us to "sense" anything at all. Once understanding this, it is but a step
further to understand this SUPERNORMAL sensing referred to. Let us then
examine this matter of "sensing" in general.

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