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The Mystery Of Seeing The Past

To persons investigating the phenomena of clairvoyance for the first
time, however, there seems to be a much greater mystery attached to the
phenomena of Past Clairvoyance than in the case of Distant Clairvoyance.
To such persons it seems that while the perception of distant objects,
scenes, and events is wonderful and mysterious, still at the last it is
merely the perception of something now actually in existence--merely
the extension of one's normal powers of vision so as to include objects
beyond the range of the ordinary vision, but, still, actually in
existence though at a distance. The idea of the telescope enables the
mind to grasp the naturalness of this kind of phenomena. But when it
comes to the perception of things, scenes, and events WHICH ARE NO
LONGER IN EXISTENCE--things which have passed entirely out of
existence--the mystery seems to be increased, and incredulity becomes
more insistent. But to the occultist there is really no more mystery in
the one case than in the other--both sets of phenomena are seen to be
perfectly reasonable and within the realms of Nature. Let us now see how
and why the occultists view the matter in this light.

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