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The Open Mind

The proper mental state of the scientific investigator of spiritualistic
phenomena is that of "the open mind." The sitters should endeavor to lay
aside all prejudices and preconceived conceptions, and in place thereof
should endeavor to hold a fair, impartial mental attitude--and this
accompanied by a desire to have the manifestations proceed naturally,
freely and fully. The results should be sympathetically awaited and
received, and the judgment of careful reasoning withheld until afterward
when the whole proceedings may be recalled and considered in the light
of cold reason. One has but to consider the extremely sensitive
psychical condition of the mentality of the medium, and the nicely
balanced mental atmosphere of the circle, to realize how easily this
sensitiveness may be affected, and the nice balance be disturbed, by the
projection of strong mental waves of distrust, suspicion, and antagonism
into the atmosphere of the circle. The attitude of the intelligent
scientific investigator should be that of a calm and observant soul.
Such an investigator should have what Sir William Crookes once called "a
mind to let," i.e., a mind from which all prejudices and preconceived
theories and notions have been ejected for the time being, and into
which Truth, from any source, should always be welcomed as a tenant.
Instead of seeking to throw obstacles in the way of the medium, one
should endeavor to assist by mental attitude and demeanor, and by
observance of the necessary conditions, in the production of the spirit
manifestations and in the demonstration of spirit identity.

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