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The Prana Aura

"The clairvoyant vision is also able to discern what is called the
'prana aura' of a person. By this term is indicated that peculiar
emanation of vital force which surrounds the physical body of each and
every person. In fact, many persons of but slight clairvoyant power, who
cannot sense the auric colors, are able to perceive this prana aura
without trouble. It is sometimes called the 'health aura,' or 'physical
aura.' It is colorless, or rather about the shade of clear glass,
diamond, or water. It is streaked with very minute, bristle-like lines.
In a state of good health these fine lines are stiff like toothbrush
bristles; while in the case of poor health these lines droop, curl, and
present a furlike appearance. It is sometimes filled with minute
sparkling particles, like tiny vibratory motion. To the clairvoyant
vision the prana aura appears like the vibrating heated air arising from
a fire, or stove, or from the heated earth in summertime. If the student
will close his eyes partially, and peer through narrowed eyelids, he
will in all probability be able to perceive this prana aura surrounding
the body of some healthy, vigorous person--particularly if that person
be standing in a dim light. Looking closely, he will see the peculiar
vibratory motion, like heated air, at a distance of about two inches
from the body of the person. It requires a little practice in order to
acquire the knack of perceiving these vibrations--a little experimenting
in order to get just the right light on the person--but practice will
bring success, and you will be repaid for your trouble. In the same way,
the student may by practice acquire the faculty of perceiving his own
prana aura. The simplest way to obtain this last mentioned result is to
place your fingers (spread out into fan-shape) against a black
background, in a dim light. Then gaze at the fingers through narrowed
eyelids, and half-closed eyes. After a little practice, you will see a
fine thin line surrounding your fingers on all sides--a semi-luminous
border of prana aura. In most cases this border of aura is colorless,
but sometimes a very pale yellowish hue is perceived. The stronger the
vital force of the person, the stronger and brighter will this border of
prana aura appear. The aura surrounding the fingers will appear very
much like the semi-luminous radiance surrounding a gas-flame, or the
flame of a candle, which is familiar to everyone."

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