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The Role Of The Spirits

We have spoken of the part of the work which it is necessary for the
sitters to perform in order to And now we shall have something to say
concerning the part to be played properly by the spirits wishing to
communicate. It must not be supposed for a moment that every spirit is
possessed of the necessary knowledge enabling it to communicate easily
through a medium, or even to develop the medium so that he may become an
efficient channel of communication. Spirits are frequently found to be
sadly deficient in such knowledge and experience, and the development of
the medium as well as the production of satisfactory phenomena, suffer
from this lack. The spirits who seek to use a medium may or may not be
fitted for such task. Many spirits are utterly unable to properly
develop a medium; some fail by reason of their lack of knowledge, and
others fail because of their lack of special aptitude for the task.

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