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Thought Waves

Thought-waves are manifested in various forms, modes, and phases, and in
different degrees of power. Some are emanated without any clearly
defined desire or intent to accomplish certain ends, while others are
charged with strong desire focused to a definite point by clear-cut
ideas of ends sought to be accomplished. The latter, however, are
usually entitled to be classed among the "involuntary" phases of Thought
Transference, because the senders are generally unaware that
thought-waves have an actual effect upon the minds of other persons;
their thoughts and mental states arising in accordance with their
feelings, desires, and general aims. Where the individual has learned
that thought is an active power, he may deliberately send forth his
thought-waves directed toward the person or persons whom he wishes to
affect and influence.

The student must remember, however, that there is a great difference in
the power and effective activity between thought-waves sent forth under
different circumstances. Some are sent forth idly, and with no focused
power or energy of desire and feeling, and such naturally are weak in
effect upon others. Others are sent forth vitalized with strong desire
and feeling, and focused with a clear ideal and mental picture, and,
consequently, exert a far greater degree of effect upon the minds of
others with whom they come in contact. The analogy of the waves of
electricity holds good here, for just as the electric power may be
strong or weak, as the case may be, so may the mental force be strong or
weak under different circumstances, and in different individuals.

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