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Time Of Sittings

"(3) Commence by sitting comfortably with the eyes fixed upon the
crystal, not by a fixed stare, but with a steady, calm gaze, for ten
minutes only, on the first occasion. In taking the time it is best to
hang your watch at a distance, where, while the face is clearly visible,
the ticking is rendered inaudible. When the time is up, carefully put
the crystal away in its case, and keep it in a dark place, under lock
and key, allowing no one but yourself to handle it. At the second
sitting, which should be at the same place, in the same position, and at
the same time, you may increase the length of the effort to fifteen
minutes, and continue this period during the next five or six sittings,
after which the time may be gradually increased, but should in no case
exceed one hour. The precise order of repetition is always to be
followed until the experimenter has developed an almost automatic
ability to readily obtain results, when it need no longer be adhered to.

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