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Use And Abuse Of Automatic Writing

J. A. White, a trance and clairvoyant medium himself, says of the phase
of writing mediumship: "There is a great tendency, particularly in cases
of automatic writing, to do too much of it. No sooner do some people
find that the pencil will move, than they spend all their spare time in
this fascinating pursuit, which, in their undeveloped state, I believe
to be a dangerous and unwise practice. They are apt to exclaim, when any
question arises during the day: 'Let us see what the spirits have to
say.' This, carried to extremes, leads to one thing, and one thing
only--obsession. I believe in fixing a time, and, unless in exceptional
cases, refusing to sit at any other. Of course I am speaking of
mediumship when it is in its budding stage. A developed medium can judge
for himself, and knows from experience how far to go. It is a favorite
trick of a certain class of spirits when they find they have a sensitive
who can 'feel' them, to give them that pricking sensation in the arm
which denotes their presence. 'So-and-so wants to write,' and away
rushes the medium for the pencil, and sits down. This I do not believe
in. I have seen far more harm than good come from it. The proper way to
develop, in my opinion, is to sit at home in a small, carefully selected
circle, two or three times a week, at stated hours, and with a competent
conductor who knows what he is doing."

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